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Tis The Season For Food Stains

The holidays are among us and I’m sure most of us have already seen our fair share of stubborn stains on fancy tablecloths, shirts and carpets.  With that being said, thought I’d take a moment to address some of the more common food stains and how to keep them from […]

Shrinkage Prevention

Think about the last time you pulled a much loved article of clothing from the washer or dryer, only to find that it had shrunk to a size that would prevent you from ever wearing it again, unless you managed to drop a hundred pounds and shrink yourself by at […]

Laundry Service, The Perfect Gift

Dish sets, reindeer socks, espresso maker; with so many choices this holiday season finding the perfect gift can suddenly turn into a hunt for Atlantis. Save yourself a headache and give your loved one something they’ll really like; laundry service. Not convinced this is the best gift? Here are some facts that prove this […]

College Laundry

Do you remember what it was like when you first started doing your own laundry?  Although I’d helped my mom when I was in high school, I didn’t become completely responsible for mine until I went away to college.  At the very least, it was time consuming and often interrupted […]