Merry Christmas popup cards: Everyone is really eager because Christmas day is approaching. The stunning details and construction of these adorable cards are definitely what you are looking for. It brings the warm feeling when people come home with Christmas tree and prepare for the wonderful Christmas in the family.
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Pinecone Popup Card (EKPCXM0131)

What you find inside the Pinecone popup card
As you see, the impressive navy cover of this pop-up card depicts an illustration of two pinecones are tied together by a lovely bow. And this seems to reveal another nice image inside this card. Now let's find out what we have inside!

Open the card and you will be delighted to discover an incredibly vivid and impressive 3D illustration of a pinecone. Not only that, the leaves and wood are also added to enhance the uniqueness of the card.

A blank hidden card included for you to write hidden messages to the receiver.

An inspiration for the Pinecone popup card
We love everything that belongs to Christmas, whether it's as small as a pinecone. Yes, the dry pinecones that seem useless become the indispensable decorations for every Christmas season. If your house is so narrow that it can not accommodate a massive pine tree, you can think of decorating the table or front door with this fabulous 3D pinecone.

Occasions for the Pinecone popup Card
Are you looking for ways to start decorating your home with pine tree sprig this holiday season? So that would be great if you could make this Pinecone pop up card as a Christmas decoration item. Furthermore, it will be a little gift for your family, our friends or your lover to enjoy the atmosphere of upcoming Christmas.

Christmas Wreath Popup Card (EKPCXM0132)

What you find inside the Christmas Wreath Popup Card
Are you ready to discover one of our latest and most impressive designs for the upcoming Christmas? Yeah, it is Christmas Wreath pop up card. The simple white cover of this card adorned with a lovely Christmas wreath just hints at the amazing scene inside.

And as we expected, even better. Once opened the gorgeous, a traditional Christmas wreath pops up encircling a yellow deer. And one thing will make you more impressed is that the background of the card is designed as a door that makes it easy to relate to the image of a wreath hanging on the front door every Christmas season.

The inspiration for the Christmas Wreath Popup Card
On Christmas, people decorate their houses with fir trees and sparkling snowflakes. Besides, a laurel wreath hanging in front of the door is also considered indispensable. So, do you think that Christmas would be so boring without those wreaths? With this charming card, even if someone is not clever, they can still own an extremely eye-catching Christmas wreath for themselves or to gift to their loved ones.

Occasions for the Christmas Wreath Pop Up Card
Because this pop-up card is a perfect Christmas present, we are sure that when it is given to someone, it will be displayed and admired throughout the holiday season.

Squirrel Popup Card (EKPCXM0130)

What you find inside the Squirrel Popup Card
Do you love animals and Christmas? If the answer is yes then this pretty Squirrel pop up card is definitely for you. As the name implies, this card's red cover is adorned with a meticulously laser-cut image of a squirrel gnawing on a chestnut.

When opening the card, you will not only meet the squirrel in 3D but also more surprised when he is now wearing a Christmas hat and holding a gift box instead of chestnut. Besides, the background printed eye-catching graphics makes the card more impressive.

The inspiration for the Squirrel Popup Card
You know, animals are our constant source of inspiration and the image of a squirrel jumping on tree branches looking for chestnuts is one of the most adorable images in winter. They remind us that we must always be industrious and hardworking even in cold winter.

Occasions for the Squirrel Popup Card
It is no doubt that this card will be a great Christmas present for everyone, especially those who love animals and nature. This is truly beautiful and is sure to bring a smile to someone's face or you can give it yourself for the winter to be more warm and cheerful.

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