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For Kids popup cards: There is a certainty that children are always attracted to expensive and modern toys, but sometimes, a simple, yet cute popup card about something they like, such as trains, cars or animals... is just enough to make them jump for joy. Give these cards to your children, nephews or nieces on their birthday or International Children's Day to make them know how much you care and love them.
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Children and Whale Popup Card (EKPCCG0161D)

What you find inside the Children and Whale popup card

The front of this bright blue whale card features a beautiful scene of a whale carrying four children on its back. Open the card to reveal the obstreperous children with a variety of colours are playing innocently on the back of the friendly whale as if they are on a rollercoaster.

An inspiration for the Children and Whale popup card:

A whale is the only mammal living in the sea that has a warm heart. On Earth, species live in harmony and humans are not an exception.

Occasions for the Children and Whale popup card:

You have naughty kids and their birthday is approaching, this is absolutely a perfect gift for their birthday.

This card is also perfect for different occasions such as graduation day, Universal Children's Day, teacher’s day. Gift your kids or beloved to express your gratitude.

Besides that, if you want to design a unique card for your own, please send us your design and let us make your ideas come true.

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