Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Once you complete our online sign-up form, your local area Laundry Care Provider will contact you via phone to schedule your first laundry pick-up. Click here to get started now!

Do I need to prepare my laundry or sort it ahead of time?

Nope! Your eKoala Laundry Care Provider will sort, wash, dry, fold, package. If you have any special processing items: delicate wash, sanitizing wash, stain treatment, air-dry, or other requests, please note those on your sign-up form and/or notify us to be sure all items are processed EXACTLY as you’d like!


When will I get my clothes back?

Turnaround time is 48 Hours from pick-up to drop off (except weekends).
Large orders (5 or more) bags or items needing intensive stain-treatment may require more than 48 hours.  24 Hour Rush Service is available on some orders for a small fee.  If rush services are required, please notice on the order form or contact us via live chat (at the bottom of the screen) to check for availability.

What if I need my laundry done faster?

24 Hour Rush Service is available in most locations for an extra charge.  Ask your local eKoala Laundry Care Provider for details or contact us via live chat to confirm rush service is available for your order.