Laundry Service, The Perfect Gift

Dish sets, reindeer socks, espresso maker; with so many choices this holiday season finding the perfect gift can suddenly turn into a hunt for Atlantis. Save yourself a headache and give your loved one something they’ll really like; laundry service. Not convinced this is the best gift? Here are some facts that prove this is the ultimate present:

1.) It doesn’t require batteries

2.) It won’t go bad in a week

3.) It won’t go out of style

4.) It won’t be re-gifted

5.) It doesn’t need fed, walked, watered or have its kitty litter changed

6.) It won’t consume your husband’s every waking moment (thank you Apple)

7.) It doesn’t take up space in a person’s garage, junk draw or closet

8.) It doesn’t have to be worn when that certain someone who doesn’t know kitten-embroidered sweaters are only cute on 3 year olds, makes a visit.

9.) Assembly is NOT required

10.) It will never need a geek squad to fix it when it stops working one day past the warranty

11.) Trust us; it’s not a knock-off

12.) No one has to drive to a store to redeem it

13.) Your neighbor won’t ask to borrow it then never give it back

14.) You won’t have to open a credit line to buy it

15.) Its order-free and invisible but leaves you smelling good and looking fabulous

What it will do is give back time; time to spend with friends and family. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

So give them something that’ll make them say “Wow, what a unique idea!” because nobody really likes gift baskets.

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