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For Mom: Mom will appreciate a handmade, one-of-a-kind popup card on her special day. Let our ideas of For Mom pop up cards inspire you to create a sweet and thoughtful card for your Mom in minutes. And that will become a keepsake of Motherhood. To all the Super Moms out there! We love each and every one of you! So let us grace the precious Motherhood throughout these sweet and loving cards. Gift our Mother Day 3D popup cards along with your thoughtful handwritten note to your Super Mom, Mother in law or Grandma and see how surprised and happy they are.
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Lavender Vase Popup Card (EKPCLV0130)

What you find inside Lavender Vase Popup Card

We love good floral cards. The Lavender Pop Up Card is the most majestic of all. Its white cover is simple, yet elegant with laser-cut green pinnate leaves and violet flowers. That made us look forward to discovering beautiful details inside.

We watched as the card was opened and “delighted” is the appropriate word. A gorgeous three-dimensional lavender vase setting in the centre of the green background embellished with a bouquet of lavenders is like nothing we have seen before.


This card is truly an amazing work of art created by true craftsmen. The natural beauty of lavender fields is awe inspiring. This design captures the iconic symbol of the South of France, lavender truly is Provence’s purple gold and one of France’s most beloved attractions. This adorable pop-up card is perfect for anyone who wants to come to Provence in summer, hoping to see lavender fields rippling in the blazing sun.


This Lavender Vase Pop Up Card is not just a card, it is also a gift and a treasured keepsake. Use it to brighten your lover’s day. Celebrate your love with a card that says more.

A fantastic choice for Mother’s Day, Birthday or other special events.

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