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Thank You popup cards: Writing a meaningful note on our lovely Thank You pop up cards is a lovely gesture to express your appreciation for any occasion. Give that loved one in your life these popup cards to tell them how much they mean to you. Or gift this as a teacher's appreciation gift. Or show mom how much you love her on Mother’s Day.
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Vespa Primavera (EKTTLE001)
This Vespa primavera popup card is as elegant as the recipients it was made for. It is perfect for any occasion such as Valentine’s day, International Women's day, Mother’s day... give this card to your loved ones who you want to let them know how beautiful they are.

Quick Details:
Material: Art Paper
Product Type: Card
Card Type: Popup Card
Style: Artificial
Use: Souvenir
Theme: Vehicle
Size: 150 x 170 mm
Color: Options

What you find inside Vespa primavera popup card
The pale yellow cover of this Vespa primavera pop-up card features a laser cut illustration of an elegant Vespa. The inside of the card will be no surprise with this telling image. Once opened this beautiful card reveals a fancy Vespa waiting to bring you into an amazing adventure.

The inspiration for the Vespa Primavera popup card
Motorcycles are an excellent means of transportation to help you avoid traffic jams where has a lot of cars.

Occasions for the Vespa Primavera popup card:
This Vespa Primavera popup card is as elegant as the recipients it was made for. It is perfect for any occasion such as Valentine’s day, International Women's day, Mother’s day... give this card to your loved ones who you want to let them know how beautiful they are.
Lavender Vase Popup Card (EKPCLV0130)

What you find inside Lavender Vase Popup Card

We love good floral cards. The Lavender Pop Up Card is the most majestic of all. Its white cover is simple, yet elegant with laser-cut green pinnate leaves and violet flowers. That made us look forward to discovering beautiful details inside.

We watched as the card was opened and “delighted” is the appropriate word. A gorgeous three-dimensional lavender vase setting in the centre of the green background embellished with a bouquet of lavenders is like nothing we have seen before.


This card is truly an amazing work of art created by true craftsmen. The natural beauty of lavender fields is awe inspiring. This design captures the iconic symbol of the South of France, lavender truly is Provence’s purple gold and one of France’s most beloved attractions. This adorable pop-up card is perfect for anyone who wants to come to Provence in summer, hoping to see lavender fields rippling in the blazing sun.


This Lavender Vase Pop Up Card is not just a card, it is also a gift and a treasured keepsake. Use it to brighten your lover’s day. Celebrate your love with a card that says more.

A fantastic choice for Mother’s Day, Birthday or other special events.

Cats and Sofa Popup Card (EKPCCG0169)

What you find inside the Cats & Sofa Pop-Up Card

The laser-cut illustration on the cover of the Cat and sofa card hints at the living room cuteness inside. There is a sofa with some mischievous cats playing around it.

Open the blue card and prepare to be delighted. A mischievous cat is playing with a wool roll on the blue sofa. Two other cute cats also eagerly come to share the joy with him. A funny scene happen in the living room.

An inspiration for the Cats & Sofa Pop-Up Card:

Cats are the lazy animal. Through this card, we want to say “ Let’s live a dynamic life”

Occasions for the Cats & Sofa Pop-Up Card:

This card is perfect for different occasions such as graduation day, birthday, teacher’s day. Gift your friends or beloved to express your gratitude.

You can also gift these amazing pop-up card to people who love cats anytime when you want to send them a sincere thanks or a meaningful present.

If you want to design a unique card for your own, please send us your design and let us make your ideas come true

Squirrel Popup Card (EKPCXM0130)

What you find inside the Squirrel Popup Card
Do you love animals and Christmas? If the answer is yes then this pretty Squirrel pop up card is definitely for you. As the name implies, this card's red cover is adorned with a meticulously laser-cut image of a squirrel gnawing on a chestnut.

When opening the card, you will not only meet the squirrel in 3D but also more surprised when he is now wearing a Christmas hat and holding a gift box instead of chestnut. Besides, the background printed eye-catching graphics makes the card more impressive.

The inspiration for the Squirrel Popup Card
You know, animals are our constant source of inspiration and the image of a squirrel jumping on tree branches looking for chestnuts is one of the most adorable images in winter. They remind us that we must always be industrious and hardworking even in cold winter.

Occasions for the Squirrel Popup Card
It is no doubt that this card will be a great Christmas present for everyone, especially those who love animals and nature. This is truly beautiful and is sure to bring a smile to someone's face or you can give it yourself for the winter to be more warm and cheerful.

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